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Published on 27-03-2020

Dear All Members from Germany,France,Russia and Ukreain. members from above countries are very active from the begining of crood ads hence i have desided to increase your earnings, starting from 28/03/2020, enjoy 

Thank you 

ADMIN Crood Ads  

Back on Business
Published on 23-03-2020

we are back on business

01) All the prevous Investments returned( if you( investers) have any drawback feel free to send us Suport Ticket 

02) the member Who lost theire accounts with refferals, create new  account and please send us support ticket 

03) Account Activation problem Sorted out 

04) Importtent, users who had post banners and links in forum banned, if you are realy need to get paid do not try to post any links or banners from other web sites in crood ads forum 

Thank you 

our new advertising
Published on 20-03-2020

new Advertising 

Account Activation Problem
Published on 15-03-2020

Dear All accounts are activated manualy, all the the registered members can access their account now 

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